Rhubarb Season…..Sugar Free recipe for Diabetics

My rhubarb crop was super abundant this year. The rain, the cold, who knows why.

Look what I found……perfect way to eat rhubarb without the sugar.
I added a pkg of sugar free Jello to my Rhubarb/pineapple concoction. Now, it tastes REAL good. How simple……..I should have thought of it. A great dessert for Diabetics who enjoy rhubarb but cannot tolerate the amount of sugar that is required to sweeten it.

I substituted a can of pineapple instead of the strawberries.

4 c. cooked rhubarb
1 pkg. strawberry Jello (sugar-free)
2 c. fresh or frozen strawberries.
1 tsp. liquid sweetener
Add Jello to hot rhubarb; dissolve well. Add rest of ingredients.