Recycling……..yarn……what to do with the swatches FREE hat pattern


Below is info about a FREE hat pattern.

Swatching a yarn is a necessity to get the correct info to have an item of clothing fit the intended. This info is also useful for other items that need to be precise, for example custom sized seat cushions.

I normally keep these swatches until I have used up all of the same yarn, then unravel and reknit something out of that yarn.

In my experience, I’ve found that after knitting the item, soaked in warm water with mild soap, rinsed until water is clear and allowed the knit to air dry, the stitches even themselves. For the most part and most fibres, the response is similar, but I am sure there are others that are not as responsive.

Below is a Hat called “Paper Bag Cap” by Lisa Myers for Manos Del Uruguay, It can be found as a FREE pattern on Ravelry. It is garter stitch throughout and 4 short row segments for the crown shaping. The segments are almost invisible. This is a handknit technique that was new to me. I’ve used a different yarn and a different method of shortrowing than what was written in the pattern instructions. I used the YOT type of short row method and the yarn is Lette Lopi, 100% wool. and 60 gm for the hat.

For the video of YOT shortrow method.