Change of Mind………free stitch pattern

Don’t we all do this? Change our minds about a project.

My Noro Sekku project was derailed. The double stranding of the lace weight yarn worked out well. The colour combinations were an exercise in colour blending? I used the yarn as it came of off The Noro ball. I didn’t pre-plan and probably should have, could have, but didn’t.

This is the resulting item. A scarf, using a mesh type stitch. 70 in. Long, 12 in wide.


Suggested Noro yarns. Sekku or Taiyo lace weight or perhaps any long length dyed coloured yarn.

STITCH pattern is a mesh type stitch. 2 strands of lace weight yarn on 4mm needles.

CAST-ON an odd number of stitches. ( 61 stitches). approx 15″ wide.
Row 1: K2, *YO, K2 together* to the remaining single stitch at end of row, K1.
Row 2: Knit
Repeat these 2 rows for this trellis/lace type pattern stitch. Note: it is biasing intentionally.