Noro lace yarn…..knitting up stash……double stranding…… Rewinding…….

Noro yarns……..knitters either love them or hate them. I sit on the fence.

I’ve been knitting up some my Stash. A Noro laceweight called Sekku. It is the same as Noro Taiyo lace. A 50% cotton, 17% wool, 17% nylon, 16% silk mix.

Single stranded, I didn’t care for my resulting item using a pattern written in one of the Noro magazines. (You can see it on the top section of the photo.)

I decided to double strand the yarn and knit a shawlette/mobius styled type item. Similar to the one pictured in the latest issue of Vogue Knitting, Spring/Summer 2014 called Twisted-front shrug.

STITCH pattern is: 2 strands on 4mm needles

CAST-ON an odd number of stitches. ( 61 stitches). approx 15″ wide.
Row 1: K2, *YO, K2 together* to the remaining single stitch at end of row, K1.
Row 2: Knit
Repeat these 2 rows for this trellis/lace type pattern stitch. Note: it is biasing intentionally.


Rather than rewinding up the yarn from the tri angle shawl, I am pulling one strand from the shawl and one strand from the ball and knitting both together. It is working well. The colouring is a surprise as always with the Noro yarns.

When completed, I will post the finished item.