To embellish or not……. I did.

Some yarns and stitches, need not anything. The yarn or the stitch says it all. And then there are others. I find myself questioning the need for something to make the garment special. I know this project needs something, but what?
A simple vest knit of Noro Kureyon wool. The colours are dramatic in themselves, but something is missing in my eye.


Some hand manipulated lace is better than nothing, but it needs more.
The back view I cord is OK by me for a bit of interest there and serves a purpose.


Lastly, I-cord to the rescue, threaded it up the lace holes. One side with and the other side without.


I haven’t decided on the final finish. I know there are many who are totally enamored with this yarn, I can’t say that I am among them. It did knit nicely on the Chunky knitting machine and blocked beautifully, but I found the bits of spinning waste, floor sweepings and barn debris not to my liking.

I might mention that I had bought a full sealed bag, and in the process of knitting, I found that 2 of the balls were entirely different colour combination even though they had the same ball band and dye lots. Somebody goofed somewhere!

FINI, the I cord added some weight to the front edges. I now like the vest worn with a coloured T.