My circular peg loom experiment………….a mini basket.


My friend purchased a set of these peg type looms as a gift for her grandkids for Xmas. 3 weeks later, the kids said they didn’t like using them. She brought them over and we played with them. Along with the rings was a book of patterns, one of which was weaving.
I used a ring that had 31 pegs.



These pictures show how it turned out. Next, I decided to try and felt the item to close up the open areas. After3 treatments in the washing machine and more handfelting, this is my result.



I continued to add more weaving to the woven base. It didn’t felt as well as I would have liked and not as pretty as It could be.
My evaluation is that there is more experimentation to be done to use these rings effectively. Perhaps a different yarn, more embelishment or a different purpose.