Little girls and their Dollies…….skirt pattern instructions

There is a small window of time that little girls play with their dollies. Some, never do.
My Grandaughters enjoy the American Girl dolls. Yes, they can buy clothing for them. Somewhat pricey IMHO, but never the less they are available. They save their money and spurge……….

I knit for the Dollies. There are numerous free patterns available on Ravelry and also on
I’m sure there are more

This dolly has new clothes, even a bag, but I think she needs “leg Warmers”.

SKIRT PATTERN: crochet, any stitch, any yarn. It is crocheted as you would any SIDEWAYS garment.
It is a crochet piece 50 cm x 13 cm.

A crochet skirt is a matter of deciding how long to make it and the proceed to crochet a length of work that will go around the body with some ease so that little hands can dress it by pulling it up to the waist. Sew the side seam and perhaps run some elastic to snug up the waistline.
This skirt was approx 50 cm (around body) and 13 cm (length)