The Gifty Drawer

I like to keep a “Gifty ” drawer. It is where I keep some knitted items that I can Gift in a moment.
The items that find a home in that drawer are ones that I have knit an item just for the hell of it. The yarn or project just called out to me……….Knit me.

Other items are specific. I keep a few baby hats, usually in 2 sizes for the newborns. A few scarves and hats for both males and females.
A blanket or two. Some purses/bags. These are great items for Donations for door prizes and raffles. It’s a win win.

Below is a picture of a couple of baby bibs. I haven’t written out the details. Copying from the picture should be adequate. The yarn is a cotton one from Bernat. 4.5 mm needles.