Patons Classic Wool Hat……..a delight to knit


I’ve never used this yarn before. It is a delight to knit. I had won a prize from Michaels ( the craft store) 2 balls of this yarn.

Adult Hat.
1 ball of Patons’ Classic Wool yarn. 100% wool
4.5mm needles

Cast on 84 stitches on 4.5mm needles. I like to knit flat rather than circular. The hat is handknit garter stitch for a wide section, then I went to the Knitting machine to knit the stockinet part and finish the crown area.
Less than one ball of yarn. I had enough left over to make a headband, or it could have been used for a turn up section of the hat.

TIP: How do I know how much length to knit? I measure using the depth of my hand. From the bottom of my thumb to the tip of my fingers. (about 9″ ) When my knitting reaches that length, then I know it is time to start the decreases for the crown. If a fold up version is desired then, I knit more length, about 3″.