My first knitting project………… I remember?

I was recently asked about my first knitting project. It was so long ago. More than half a century! Am I really suppose to remember?
I guess with advancing age I’m supposed to remember the past, but not where I left the car keys. I will accept that as approval.

My first encounter with knitting was the Girl Guides and when I brought home a knitted piece from a meeting. My Mom, then took over teaching me. I don’t recall if anything was ever made for the Guiding project.

At that time, we little girls were knitting little hat like bands in place of a hat. It was a rectangular piece of knitting with ties under the chin to hold them on. Approx 16″ x 6″. Long enough to cover the ears, in various patterns, I.e. Cables and garter stitch or just plain stockinette with a garter edge. Much like the open ended cowls of today.

We were young and in grade 4 and already wanting to be fashionable. Where I grew up in Southern Ontario, we experience winter with its’ snow and cold. The yarns were wool and thin. (Think baby yarn) We would double or triple the the strands to make a warmer hat. We did the same with mittens which were next on our skills list.

As luck would have it, we had numerous spinning mills in the area and I was fortunate to have a Aunt who worked in one. Once a month the employees were able to purchase a “grab bag” of yarns, approximately 1 lb in a brown paper wrapper. Mystery yarn……..they were really factory mill ends. Oh, how I loved it when she brought one to my Mom. I was able to pick some yarn for a project. My Mom, knit argyle socks so the various bits of colours suited her. I was inclined towards plain Jane colours and texture and seem to be, to this day.



Lux Soap published a knitting book. These a couple photos of the contents. I remember knitting one of the dolls. Sadly, the instruction page for knitting the dolls is missing from my book.