Repurposing yarn……..crinkly unravelled yarn

I do not hesitate to reuse unravelled yarn, sometimes even washed yarn from test pieces. For the most part, I knit with wool and it is very forgiving.
The following pictures show an item that was Reknit using the crinkly yarn. I knit it as is, off the hand rewound ball, washed the hat, hand manipulated block and let it dry, then gave it a quick steam finish.


The yarn is Lett Lopi. I followed a pattern meant for the regular thicker LOPI and it turned out child size. 18″ circumference and 6 1/2 height without the ear flaps. Cast a total of 70 st on a 4.5 mm needle.



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  1. I do it a lot too. I am especially fond of finding scarves at thrift stores and using them. Right now, I’m working on an order and I’m on a deadline, so I didn’t even unravel the scarf, I’m knitting right from the end, LOL. Ladies’ sweaters also yield some great, one of a kind yarns.


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