Sometimes a project idea just doesn’t make it.

A “Mohair boucle”yarn caught my attention and I immediately thought Jacket. I Swatched and developed a stitch, proceeding to test it with a handwash and was pleased with the result.

Disaster struck after 6 in of knitting. The light and dark variegations started to displayed themselves in an unflattering manner.

What now? Frog? Redesign the garment? Dye it?
I’m not talented in the dyeing arena. Strike that idea.

Don’t really want to unravel mohair, not an easy chore.

The solution that fixed upon was to repurpose the fabric.
A HAT was my solution. A simple shape seemed to work best.

Sometimes, things don’t work out as we envision, but do turn out alright in the end. I’m pleased with the hat, it fits beautifully, is light and airy, and will be warm in the cold weather.

Free Pattern: Green Ridged Hat, a reversible fabric.
Find it in the Pages section of this blog.