American Doll outfit

I used 1 ball (50 gm) of self striping sock yarn (Debbie Norville Serenity sock Yarn), a fingering weight, wool/bamboo mix. on a 2.75 mm needle. Lovely for knitting doll clothes.

There was enough yarn for a dress and underpanties for the American Girl 18″ doll.






The velcro back closure was fixated with “steam a seam” glue on tape. My velcro is a bit heavier than that on the store bought doll clothes, but none was available to me. NOTE: it didn’t work well and I ended up sewing it in place.

The pattern is quite a bit of a deviation from what is generated by Knitware Basic Software.
I can’t say enough good things about that Knitting Software.

Patterning is achieved by random stitch combinations, hopefully to enhance the yarn stripes.

If, anyone wants to knit one without instructions, I would suggest a cast-on of approx 90 stitches for the hem edge and then decrease approx 10 stitches evenly spaced near the waistline.

My granddaughter took the last photo. She’s acquiring photography skills. 2 thumbs up!