Love / Hate relationship with Lopi yarn

Icelandic Yarn……I love it for many reasons. It is water resistant, a good thing in my part of Canada. Warm is good too. The price point is reasonable for a coat or two and a good range of colours. It knits nicely on the Chunky Knitting machine on a dial tension of 3.


It’s the pattern writting….. That I find troublesome. The gauges suggested, turn out like felt. Maybe that is their intention, I don’t know. Or, maybe the locals know when to adjust and do so without thinking. In any case, I find it very annoying to be spending alot of time swatching, washing and more swatching, and rewritting.

I’ve finally resorted to swatch to the “hand” that I like and use knitting software for the shaping.
The yarn feels somewhat harsh when knitting, but softens up beautifully when washed, and relaxes nicely. It’s a very nice yarn for outerwear. Felted purses, don’t seem to need a lining.

Knitware Sweater Design is the software that I use most. A free demo download is available. Just “google” the name and it will turn up.


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