FREE PATTERN………Little Travel Sacks or Soapy washcloth




These small sacks were knit on a Standard Gauge Studio/Singer Mod 360 punchcard knitting machine.

Tuck stitch, using one of the standard punchcards. (#3 or 7).The yarn is a smooth cotton that knitted at Tension dial 7.
40 stitches wide over needles 20-0-20.
Rows….as many as you want for the depth of the bag. (60 or so)

If, you wish to make the holes for the cord, transfer every other stitch onto its neighbour, but keep the empty needle in working position. Knit a few more rows and cast off.

Sew up seams in your preferred method. I use crochet chain stitch.

The Bluish/green coloured sacks were knit using the SAME punchcard. Both sides are quite nice.

I find these items to be very useful when travelling.