Tuck Lace Hat & Skinny Scarf


I really like this hat. I started off knitting a length of fabric as a scarf, 80-0-80 stitches and 700 or so rows, knitting in tuck lace on the Studio Model 360. This is a standard gauge machine with a punchcard patterning system, using the standard card #3 A, needle setup for Tuck Lace. The yarn is Acrylic, knit at Tension 7.

My original plan was for a scarf, but, circumstances changed. I started playing with the fabric and twisting and turning, this a way and that a way. Then, a Eureka moment……….a hat.


The blue skinny scarf was knitted using less number of stitches, but still approx 700 row.
As always, the question, do I kill the yarn or do I leave it “au naturel”?
The lacey holes aren’t the main feature, but I do like the texture.


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