TUCK LACE using the mainbed of the SilverReed/Studio/Singer Knitting Machine.

TUCK LACE ……….using the Standard Punch Card 3 A

# 1….Card 3A Studio/Silver Reed
Needle positions:
..ll.o.ll..ll (needles out of work) the dots are needles in work.

#2…Card 3A #2
Needle positions:
ll.ll…lol.ll…ll.ll… (needles out of work) the dots are needles in work.

Selected needles are tucking PLUS some needles are in NON WORKING position. This will leave a hole between the stitches. Lace is the result of configurations of holes.

The above punchcard may be used. Manual Tuck Lace can also be achieved by pulling out selected needles to make the Tuck stitch and place selected needles out of work for the Lace.

To design a TUCK LACE PATTERN, FOLLOW THE RULES of Tuck and leave certain needles out of work that WILL NOT conflict with the tucking stitch.

Suggested projects,

Garments, placemats, scarves, knitted jewellery, blankets, shawls, tights, curtains. Results would depend on chosen yarns.


Most of the time, there is a Knit stitch on both sides of needle that is tucking, but not always.

Limited number of rows of the laying in yarn due to hook size & yarn, before knitting it back (securing the tuck stitch), usually up to 4.

A punch card will have predominantly ALL holes punched. White areas are the tucking needles.
Electronic machines, press reverse button so that the black markings are the tucking needles.

Many punch cards will have a “lifeline” row in the pattern repeat. A full row of stockinette.

Use of weights is recommended.

As seen in the picture of the swatch, the edges and cast on / cast off methods need to be addressed. Two different methods were used.

The swatch yarn was an acrylic and was steamed.

May 2013







The following is a website with a few more TUCK LACE stitch patterns.

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  1. I love tuck lace, I knit a lot of shawls in tuck lace, I love the effect it gives in a 1 ply/cobweb yarn.
    I use the passap Duo 80 to knit tuck lace, but you can do it on any machine, even using hand manipulation, if you haven’t got a punchcard machine 🙂
    *hugs* Heather x


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