Burr, it’s cold outside……. Scarf time……Free pattern BURR

I woke up this morning to a delightful surprise. The hibiscus in bloom.

The outside temperatures dropped to -22 C. Woollen Scarf weather.
The scarf is in progress…….. A variation of the single crochet stitch.



2 balls, colour A (100 gm)
1 ball, colour B (50 gm)
6mm crochet hook,
Yarn: wool 51%, acrylic 45%, viscose 4%, 50 gm -119 yd/ 109 M

Chain a chain, the length of the desired scarf. 60 to 70 inches; shorter for a small person, longer for a tall. TIP: Hang the chain around your neck to see if long enough.

Work a single crochet into each chain.

The stitch is a single crochet.
*Colour A, crochet 2 rows. Drop the yarn.
Colour B, crochet 1 row, drop the yarn.*

NOTE: Due to the uneven row count, (3 row repeat) you will need to pick up the yarn at the opposite end of your work.
This is intentional and is part of the stitch design, which is more textured than a plain single crochet, striped pattern.

The finished goods. I’m pleased with it.



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