Top down….bottom up

The choice of knitting top down or bottom up has some considerations that knitters need to think about.
When knitting from the top down, some knitters claim that the increases can be hidden easier. I think with care, both styles of knitting can have a very smooth transition for increases and decreases. I’ve worked both ways, and often can’t remember which way I knit the garment.

Necklines can be very precise using both methods. Checking the fit of a garment is easier when knitting “top down”. It is as easy as pulling the garment over your head and looking in the mirror.
Hopefully, when the garment reaches the body the length, the needles and cord is long enough to go around the body comfortably to keep checking.


This picture shows the start of a “top down” Icelandic type sweater. LetteLopi is a very nice softly spun wool yarn from the Icelandic sheep. It is water repellant and ideal for outerwear and other outdoor activities.

The design work started with a published pattern, but I deviated after the first few rows. This one is a “design as I go” project. 🙂