By Guess & By Golly


Knitting by guess and by golly is a great way to test a yarn, a pattern, a particular skill; testing a new cast-on, a different cast-off, a stitch and its’ repeat. I have found that a small project will accomplish my needs and still have something worth while at the end.

A couple of recent ones have been doll clothes. The 18″ doll is a good doll size to “see” how the techniques are working out, as is a small dog coat. There are many other projects that come to mind; dishcloths, towelettes, even hats.

The picture above is a”Shetland” lace shawl beginning. I love those loops on the side of the garter stitch triangle. The edge is decorative and offers many possibilities for continuing with more knitting or crochet. I also used a looser method of cast off. Finally, I used some pre glued iron-on sparkle to the edge. Every doll needs some “bling”.

NOTE: Machine knitters can use this technique also. It is a matter of pulling out the needle at the same side as the carriage and knit across the row. There will be a loop over the needle. The next row will secure it.

The 18″ doll is often known as the “American Girl Doll”.