QUICK as a WINK Cowl

TIP: If you are stash busting, and don’t think you have enough of any one yarn, add a row or two of a different yarn here and there, to extend your main yarn.

YARN: Very effective using the “Fancy” yarns. A ball or two, depending on size. It depends on how big a ball or yardage. Approx 100 gm.

METHOD: Machine knit, Handknit or Crochet.,

SIZE: variable. I drape a piece of yarn or tape measure around my neck and decide how long I want it to be. Measure and record. I knit it 6″ deep.

TOOLS: a slightly larger size crochet hook than is suggested on the yarn ball band. This is so you can pickup the bumps readily. Needle sizes as appropriate for the yarn.

I crochet a chain as long as I want. Then, turn the chain over and knit into the bump of the chain ( or hang the bump on the knitting machine needles) and proceed to knit it as high (rows) as I want and then cast off. It will be a rectangle.

Finish: Twist one end and join the short ends together. Edges can be further embellished by crochet edging.


Mary Anne Cutler,
Yet Another Canadian Artisan