Let me introduce you to Craftsy.com

I really don’t know how to describe it to its fullest potential. I found the Tutorials of interest.

The tutorial section is quite unique in a number of ways. The tutorials are streamed to your Internet device and you can start and stop anywhere in the tut… View it over and over. Stop it where you want and resume wen you wish and where in the Tut that you choose.
There a few Tuts that are free, and others, are fee based. I’ve down loaded the free ones, watched them and like them.

There is one in particular that I thoroughly enjoyed. “About wool” called “Know your wool”, Deborah Robson instructing.

A very good presentation and well worth signing up to view it. It’s got to be the yarn lovers best kept secret. After viewing, I will now pay more attention to the source of the wool and fleeces.

At the moment, craftsy is offering other Tuts at a substantial discount. They are not all fibre related.

I purchased the “Knit an Icelandic Sweater Top Down”.
I have no association with this company, just a pleasantly surprised Internet surfer.