Is Mink a girls best friend? Or is that Diamonds….

My daughter must think so. Birthday gifts are difficult for an aging Mother. She was right on the money with this one. No mink in my closet, until now. I received a few balls of Mink yarn and am now knitting a Shetland style lace shawl by hand.

About the Lace knitting. I know how to design and knit lace on the knitting machine, but handknit, that is something else. Frogging a bit, well maybe a bit more…….than I would like to admit.
The pattern that I am following is called “Aestlight”, designed by Gudran Johnson also known as The Shetland Trader. If of interest, it can be downloaded from her website.

It’s still in progress, more to be knit for the edging. The yarn feels soft to the touch, but I am disappointed in 4 joins in 50 gm. Maybe, it has something to do with the spinning of the mink fibre.