The finished Icelandic Lettlopi cardigan HAF.

I’ve finished the Icelandic type cardigan. I deviated from the original somewhat, as I had a very different gauge. In the end, I used Knitwares sweater design software to re design the working pattern to my gauge and size. The original design is called HAF from the Lopi book 31. I guess mine is half a HAF.

I also knit it flat to avoid steeking. Steeking is traditionally used in Icelandic knitting. The yarn is the Istex Lettlopi, 100% wool, with unique water resistant properties, thanks to the sheep raised in Iceland.

Not having used this yarn for a garment, I was surprised at how much it relaxed upon washing and blocking. Not a bad thing, just something to be aware.
I really like this yarn, unfortunately it’s not readily available in my locale.