Testing yarn…………if only……..they were all the same.


Kind of sad looking, aren’t they. In the end, they turned out fine.

I was testing some cotton yarn on a cone for small hand towels. The yarn fed through the knitting machine nicely nicely. I was hoping to develop a hem and a gauge that I liked. I may as well make something useful from my test pieces.

After knitting some preliminary lengths and then 3 different configurations and stitch sizes on a handtowel I thought I was finished. But, no! My HANDS felt funny. I looked at them, they were RED. Oh, oh……

I decided that it might be the chemicals that were used for spinning. I washed the hand towels x 3 in laundry detergent and the water was still not running clear. At the moment, they are drying. Have they soften or become brittle?

I wonder how a recipient of these towels would react, if I hadn’t discovered the amount of chemicals that were needed to spin that cotton, so that it would knit nicely. The towel looked very nice before washing and certainly nice for a gift.

The yarn was not a branded one, and I don’t remember how it arrived in my stash………More need for record keeping.