Platting on the Silver Reed Mod 860 mid gauge & Chunky Mod 155

There has been some discussion on the Machine knitters list on Yahoo, that “platting” cannot be done on the Studio/Silver Reed mid gauge Mod 860 knitting machine.

Indeed it can. Please View the following 3 pictures.

The instructions are on Page 40 of the Operation manual of the ELECTRONIC MOD 840.The info is NOT in the Mod 860 manual NOR the Chunky MOD 155 manual.




The following were knit on the STUDIO/SILVER REED Chunky MOD 155

The next couple of samples were knit by placing 1 yarn in the PLATTING position (behind feeder 1 ).
TUCK patterning, Card 1. One sample using the S position for rotating the card, and the next using the rotation on L (long) I like this one BEST. Predominantly pink, the pink yarn was thinner than the
Navy and shows up nicely.

FInal 2 samples, using the PLATTING feeder, stitch dial stockinet.



The reverse side is non descript. The tuck stitch near the middle of the sample strip, appears somewhat like a fisherman rib.

Overall, I found NO visual difference in the stockinet versions, other than convenience of changing yarns using the ” punch/thread lace” settings.