Is your knitting falling off the needles?

Is your knitting falling off the needles?

When I am interrupted, I make sure that I stop the carriage at the Right hand side and then I release the carriage lid. ( on Studio 360, 700′ and electronic carriages).

When I return, this reminds me to check my work before beginning again. Especially,if I have torn back a few rows. Checking to see that the yarn is secure in the feeder, the latch is in the closed position, and the antenna tension is ready to proceed with the knitting.

As you can see in the picture, the Yarn is not in the feeder, but the lid is in the release position.

If, I had closed the carriage cover and pushed the carriage across, my knitting would have been on the floor.

If, the yarn was NOT SECURE behind the feeding gate on the carriage it may and often jumps out of the knitting arm and again the knitting is on the floor.

If, I did not check the antenna position, I would have a big LOOP at the end of the row.