Gifted yarn………A Good Hubby…………the unknown fibre

The joy of gifted yarn. Hubby met a woman , who when she discovered that his wife knit, produced a bag of yarn. “Have your wife make something.” Like a good hubby, he did that.

Unfortunately, no tags or ball bands. It appeared to not have been used, but was in hand wound balls. Perhaps, it was in a hank? But, what is the fibre? A match test resulted in a natural fibre. Not quite cotton, not rayon, not wool, maybe raw silk? It has a bit of a flake, but not like a cotton flake.

It knit up soft and did grow, even though I followed the swatch procedure. Perhaps it is 100% raw silk.



This garment was hand knit, starting at the neckline and working downward. I am finding that working this way, it is difficult to achieve a snug neckline. More practice, I guess.