Developing a knit fabric

Swatching is necessary to develop a knit fabric.

2 very different yarns were tested. I didn’t care for the effect of the light coloured one alone, and of course the solid blue is nice, but I would like to use up both yarns.

Can you see the 3 very different stitches?

Same 2 yarns but they appear very different from each other. Knit on circular needles, but flat.

Colour A,

Row #1, 1 x 1 (seed stitch),

Colour B, Start at opposite end of needle.

Row #2, stockinette

Repeat these two rows.

There will a sequence where both yarns are at the same end, and other times you will need to pickup the appropriate yarn at the other end of the needle.

TIP, choose one colour for the seed stitch and the other colour for the knit row. Always the same colour for the same stitch.