The dreaded SWATCH…… best friend.

I have found the dreaded SWATCH to be my best guide to knitting what I want to the size I want. This is my swatch drying, outside.

1.Cast on a few rows to get a feel for the yarn and if you may need to change the stitch size.

2. Knit 2 rows of a different colour. This is a marking row for measuring the gauge.

3. Knit your pattern stitch, the required rows for measuring the gauge.

4. Mark # stitches (see the holes) on my picture for measuring, usually near the middle of the rows needed for your particular gauge ruler.

5. Continue in Pattern to the end of the # or rows needed for your Row measuring device.

6. Mark these rows by changing to contrast yarn, knit 2 Rows

7. Change back to original yarn and knit 4 or 5 rows. (I mark in this section with picot holes, the Stitch Dial number. You will see 4 holes in the picture.

Yes, I broke the rule for the rows, I didn’t mark the 2 rows with a contrast colour, but I did knit the correct number of rows for the gauge.

I used the Blue Studio/Silver-Reed gauge for the chunky, which converts 20 st and 30 rows to gauge.

The ruler is available from any Silver-Reed dealer, very reasonable priced.      is one of many dealers in the USA.