FREE Garter stitch scarf-generic how to pattern

It seems, that I’m on a “garter stitch” kick. I think it’s a totally underrated, under respected stitch.

I’m sure this one had been published before. I don’t know where. I will describe how it is made.

METHOD: Knit in garter stitch. (Knit every row)

Cast on 3 stitches,

Increase the first stitch on every row. Knit the row,

Turn, increase the first stitch, continue to knit the row.

Continue knitting this way, until you think it is wide enough.

Decrease  (k2together) in the first 2 stitches of every row, UNTIL you decide how much is needed for the space between the diamonds.

When scarf is the desired length, decrease to 3 stitches and cast-off.

Yarn: I used a shiny viscose/mix yarn. Approx 2 balls.

I felt that it looked “unfinished”. and added a small frill.