FREE Pattern: Noro “Sakura” scarf


Wear this one on your head or around your neck.

Most any yarn can be used for this scarf. Noro Yarn has these incredible colour variations.

Noro Sakura yarn, approx 80gm (2 hanks) Fingering weight (any fingering yarn can be used, approx 80 to 100 gm.

Noro Sakura is a blended yarn, rayon/polyester/silk/lambs wool.

4mm needle.

Pattern Repeat  of 4 rows.

After the 4th row, the purls stitches will be showing. Increase stitch is on one edge only,

Increase  1 stitch, every 4 rows, until you have knit up, 1/2 of available yarn.

Decrease 1 stitch, every 4 rows until yarn runs out.

Count the purl ribs to make sure that the scarf is balanced with the same number of increases and decreases over the length of the scarf.

Wash gently, block out to dry. This yarn softens, after being wet.

I am absolutely amazed at how this yarn softens. It was quite stiff and springy when knitting. I have trimmed the edges with a slip stitch crochet.