Knitting Software——-what is it?

I’ve been a long time user of Knitting Software.  There are a number of different software programs available to knitter and crocheters.

I have used, tested and taught quite a variety of knitting software programs over the years.

Purchasing a program can be very little or very expensive to the pocketbook. There are free demo’s that can be downloaded to the computer to give the knitter a preview of the capabilities of the software. They do not identify the total capabilities of the program.

The range of ability of the software is also reflected in the price.

Some are calculators, some calculate and print out instructions, some produce a schematic, some do all of it. One program has the ability to be  be connected to a computer and to an electronic knitting machine and  download the info to the machine carriage. Knitting from the screen of the computer.

I have one program that is specifically for socks. This is very useful for the knitter that knits a variety of different sizes and gauges, babies to Xmas stockings. Again, there is choice as to which program to purchase.

A google search will turn up a number of programs and demos for the knitter to try out.