FREE Pattern: Lion Brand “Landscapes” All Ribbed up………. Toque (Adult)

Ribbed hat

Ribbed hat

This is a 1X1 Ribbed Toque

Lionbrand “Landscapes” yarn, 50% wool/50%acrylic, 100 gm, (2 balls, 50 gm each.)
Size: Adult
Needles: 8mm.

Construction: knitted flat, 12″ overall length. Side seamed. Fold up the brim.

Cast-on 50 stitches, crochet cast-on method with size 8mm crochet hook.
K1,P1 across all stitches (also known as 1X1 rib )
Continue in 1X1 for 11 inches.
Start to decrease stitches for crown,
*K1, K2 together*, and repeat across row.
Repeat the decreasing rows, until you feel that the stitches can now be gathered in and secured.

I use the Crochet chainstitch method of seaming the side seam. Seam on the appropriate side for the fold up brim section.

Caution: This particular yarn will felt with repeated washings in hot water.

designed by Mary Anne Cutler, ON. Canada

2 responses

  1. Hello and thanks for your kind words. I didn’t record the colour or dye lot as it was only a test piece. I was pleased how that yarn felted.


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