Look what landed in my lap!

My daughters’ friend dropped this off. “Your Mom machine knits, doesn’t she?” Maybe, she would like to play with this.

It was interesting to make it go and I did manage to knit on it, but I could see how frustrating it is to do so.

The actual instructions to knit the items were included.

The kit was from 1968. The plastic is so brittle that is now just a Museum piece. I love how it is called an Automatic Knitting Machine.

White Felted Hat…..about felt hats

There are many free patterns for Do it Yourself felted hats on the web. Many start at the crown and increase for the shape, others start at the brim. Most are knit circular, but can be knit flat and seamed. I think it is a matter of choice as to how you like to knit.

I’ve chosen to use Istex Lette Lopi, an aran weight yarn which blooms so beautifully. 100 gm per hat. I work from the brim to the crown. They are handknit.

The felting process was in a domestic top loading washing machine, using detergent. 3 cycles were needed to achieve the sizing.

It is a bit of trial and error to achieve the desired shapes and brim depths.

My hats are available for purchase. Contact me if of interest.


imageAh, being stranded is not so bad. HOW TO MANAGE: FREE ADVICE According to Mary Anne.

  • Weather watch. Big snowflakes, small snowflakes, wet snowflakes, big ice pellets, no ice pellets. Enjoy the thrill of green/brown grass turn white, as it happens or over night. Now, that’s a real life Miracle!
  • Kick back in a comfy chair where you can weather watch through the window, not from outside. Patio lounging is out. Warm and comfy is the rule. Make a mug of hot chocolate, turn on the radio to the Jazz station and listen to the collision reports on the QEW/401. Thankful, that we are not involved and standing in the cold, waiting for a tow.
  • And then, when you need something to do to keep away the boredom of watching snow fall, you can deep clean the back closet, and don’t forget the farthest corner under the sink. Heaven knows, maybe even attack the clothes closet. The local clothes donate box may be thankful of a Gifty. Do you really need that blouse that is so pretty, but you haven’t been able to wear for 10 years? Too much thinking, too many decisions.
  • Break time, some eggnog with added extras. Is there leftover cheesecake?
  • Back to watching snow fall and thinking. Oh my, is the wood box full in case of power outage, I must check……..do I have enough food cooked? Is there fuel for the chain saw in case of big tree limbs falling? The generator for the furnace fan………..oh my, oh my, am I prepared?

NOW Me, I’m going to knit myself a new hat. 👍with the cat sitting by my side. Cleaning will wait……….cooking too. Then, there is my collection of unread paperbacks; a Michael Connolly one just waiting for me.

Life is OK, watching snow fall.
In a day or so, the sun will shine, the landscape will be white and beautiful. The roads will be ploughed and all is good again.

Caio………….Mary Anne

The Love/Hate object of my affection

I have a Love/Hate affair with Lette Lopi Yarn.

I love that it is wool. I love that it is water repellant, that it is warm. That it has a spectacular bloom, when soaked and washed. I love the range of colours and I love the price and that it is available in Canada.

What’s to hate? The biasing, when knit circular in stockinette. Of course, there are other stitches. Therein, lies the challenge.

Here is one solution. Washing machine felted hat.

I am pleased with the result. So much so, that I have cast-on for another shape in the white yarn. I found using a 7mm knitting needle seemed to produce a nice felt.