Dryer Balls…….how to

I’ve exploring the making of dryer balls. These balls are used to soften items in the clothes dryer and use less fabric softening products. There seem to be a number of different methods of making them.

Some are made of WOOL yarn stuffed into a knit casing; much like the Ball Christmas ornaments. Others, are yarn wrapped into a ball and secured with sewing. Some, are simply a ball of roving and then needle felted.
All, are then felted and dried. Some are some of this and that technique.

This is how I made mine. I wrapped wool yarn around a wool core (a scrunched up wool swatch). I then Needle felted some fleece over the yarn ball. Washed it in the wash machine and secured any loose ends with the needle felting tool after the drying process.

I have read that using acrylic yarn for the core doesn’t work very well, as it is not heavy enough for the drying action in the dryer.


I think this would be an ideal way of using up wool that has deteriorated after an encounter with moths.

CLARA……..my testing of another Super Chunky Bernat yarn

I couldn’t wait to test knit with this yarn and am disappointed to find that it is now discontinued.

10mm needles and a slip stitch produced a very nice fabric. One skein made a Knitted Earwarmer/Headwarmer. As an alternate project, a pair of fingerless mitts could be squeezed out of one skein.

It was a pleasure to hand knit with this yarn. I didn’t test it on a chunky knitting machine, but expect that it may knit on every other needle.



FREE pattern : Super Chunky Mobeus Crochet Head warmer/Ear warmer.

Yet Another Canadian Artisan……….Mary Anne Cutler 2014


Adult size: 50 cm/20 in. 20 cm/8in wide.

Crochet 9mm hook
100 gm. Yarn. Paton Big Boucle yarn, 75% Acrylic/25% Mohair mix.

Chain stitch approx 20 inches/50 cm worth of chain. ( usual adult sized head circumference)

Join ending chain to beginning chain.
If twisted, it is intended. If not twisting, it will become a FLAT band type structure.

Work “Single crochet” stitches into the back loop of each chain stitch.
Continue to work into each chain, as you reach the end of the round, you will see a twist beginning to form.

Continue to Single crochet to desired width.

Finish to the last 2 chains, then crochet 1 “slip stitch” into each of those 2 chains and fasten off.

Hide the tails into the worked stitches.

This pattern is FREE for all to use. Please do not claim as your own.

Yarn used: Paton Big Boucle

Thicker, quicker boucle yarn
Beautiful shade range full of colorful variegates
Mohair adds softness and luxury
All Shades (241092)
Contents: 75% Acrylic, 25% Mohair
Put-up: 3.50 oz / 100 g
Length: 72 yd /


Travel yarn……….Listowel, ON

Enroute to cottage country, our route took us through Listowel, ON. Home of Spinrite and the Bernat, Patons, Lily family of yarns.

The retail store was open and of course, I needed to explore.
Here is a picture of a couple of yarns that I purchased on cones, hoping to use them on the knitting machine. The Boucle is too thick for the Chunky machine, but it is nice crocheted. The brown is a cotton? Linen? Mix . I was intregued……….maybe placemats or runner.

“Clara” is also a super chunky yarn on my testing list. So nice and soft.






Designing collections

Designers are challenged to produce a collection of items. The criteria differs from project to project.

Sometimes, it is the yarn that is to be featured.

Sometimes, it is the pattern for a garment or accessory.

Sometimes, a skill set, perhaps stitches, be it for knitting, crochet etc.

Other times, it is a collection of techniques for a book

Or a specific theme. ie. Circus, cartoon characters, animals, single motifs.

Recently, I have been knitting with a specific yarn and a single stitch.
Single crochet stitch is used on all the items.




The knitting this week is of a particular knitting pattern using a variety of different yarns. Wool……..Superwash wool, the variegated yarn is a wool/linen/acrylic mix.




Even the cat wanted to participate in the photo shoot. She is a darling but has a mind of her own.

The pattern is a free pattern called “Gallatin” designed by Kris Basta, http://www.Kriscrafter.com

Tricks for Noro yarns

The 2014 Spring/summer NORO knitting magazine, Issue 4 has arrived on the new stands. I particularly enjoyed reading a very informative article about using the yarns colour ways.

Lots of eye candy in the issue as well as a contest giveaway on page 2.


The article is written by Carol J. Sulcoski